Why Choose Greenway Irrigation?

Greenway has been installing underground sprinklers in the Triangle since 1992. As you consider a new underground sprinkler system, you might find there are expenses you didn’t realize were part of the system.

Lawn irrigation system

Keep in the Loop of Your Service and Costs

We consider it our job to inform you of every step in the process so that nothing catches you by surprise. When you choose Greenway, you are investing every penny into a system that will cost you less over time.

There is nothing hidden about the way we do pricing at Greenway Irrigation. We keep you informed about:

  • Initial Outlay – These include water meter, permit and inspection fees as well as the cost of installation.
  • Upkeep – In addition to water usage, you can expect to get periodic backflow certification to stay in accordance to local laws. Regular maintenance is another part of upkeep. Winterization and spring startups will save you repair costs in the future.
  • Possible Hazards – It’s important to have information about what could damage your system over time. We will always be there for a quick repair if you encounter damage due to landscaping equipment, vehicles, construction, animals or lightning.

All of our installations come with a solid 2-year warranty to prove our best practices. There are some costs you should never have to experience, and we know how to help you avoid them. These practices include:

  • Construct easily serviceable valve manifolds to reduce maintenance and repair costs.
  • Build backflow assemblies using only high-grade components fabricated to withstand years of exposure to the elements.
  • Use only commercial grade components to provide years of consistent performance.
  • Trench-in every pipe to ensure that it remains safely below grade, forever.
  • Mount all controllers securely, on-level, and without dangling wires for optimal safety and appearance.
  • Assess to the Distribution Uniformity (DU) of each new system design for maximum efficiency.
  • Thoroughly train our customers to operate and troubleshoot.
  • These best design practices make it possible to offer a two-year warranty on all new irrigation installations.

The Community Chooses Us For Satisfaction

Reviews, word of mouth, home shows and research have led our customers to find us. We do our part providing honest, quality services, and our services maintain our reputation for us.