Feel Better When You Call Us for Sprinkler Repair in the Triangle

Irrigation problems come in a variety of forms on all different brands, and Greenway Irrigation has seen and fixed them all. There are many possible causes for your sprinkler system malfunction. They range from broken sprinkler heads to low water pressure to crushed pipes and more. We assure you that no matter how intensive or minor the irrigation repair, we will have it attended to promptly.

Lawn sprinkler system with rain sensors

We Can Help With All Irrigation Issues

  • Sprinkler heads not popping up
  • Water leaking from sprinkler heads
  • Buzzing noises
  • Timer stopped working
  • No water flow
  • Cycle irregularities
  • Major leaks
  • & more

Our Irrigation Repair Promises are Solid

There are several things we always promise our customers when it comes to irrigation repair.

  • Honest, Trustworthy Work – Sure, many companies say this, but what does it really mean? For us, it means preserving our outstanding reputation in the Triangle that goes back to 1992.
  • Your Problems are Our Problems – We empathize when we do our job. If a problem isn’t all the way finished, we’ll never just leave it. And we always make our repairs to last.
  • We Only Provide Necessary Repairs – Some companies may jump into a repair just to have a job to do or claim to fix the issue. In line with our promise of honesty, we will identify the real problem and provide a repair.
  • No Charge for Unneeded Work – We steer clear of dishonest pricing and charges.
  • Charges are Based on Time & Materials – That’s all.
  • Fair Estimates – If you have even the smallest question about price, ask us. All of our irrigation specialists follow specific pricing methods that ensure the homeowner is charged fairly.

Call us at (919) 217-4340 and get a quick response to your irrigation repair needs. We will have it done right the first time.

If you’re having a bad day, the least we can do is make you feel better. This means not only executing a professional repair but always bringing a positive attitude to your situation.