Outdoor Lighting and Design from and Industry Leader

Every Greenway Irrigation lighting professional has the experience and knowledge of lighting fixture usage and location, getting the placement right the first time without using unnecessary fixtures. Each lighting job will present its own set of challenges and potential; Every Greenway professional is trained for fixture placement in the optimal position. We take pride in listening to what is most important to the homeowners of  the Greater Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas, so that you get the look you want at the lowest cost.
Greenway Irrigation has over 25 years of outdoor lighting experience; With experienced design and installation, you can be assured that your system will be operating optimally, long into the future.

Can Lighting Services Enhance Your Yard?

Lighting services can absolutely enhance your backyard. Lighting in your yard can enhance your outdoor living area in many ways. It is a way to provide a little more safety in your backyard as well. For most people, their backyard is their oasis for activities. Maybe you have a pool and you and your family enjoy swimming and playing games in and around the pool. Or, maybe you have a walking trail outside, or a playground for your children. You work hard for family and in your yard is a direct reflection of that. We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that we can help you achieve your outdoor landscape vision. No matter what, Greenway Irrigation has you covered when it comes to enhancing landscape lighting services for your family.

What is the Process of Installing Lighting?

Lighting and Raleigh Sprinkler system doesn’t have to be difficult. The process is easy with Greenway Irrigation. Just like our irrigation process, we are trained to give you the options and provide you with the optimal solution. First, you give us a call, or fill out the contact us form on our website and our expert staff will schedule an appointment for the project director to stop by. Next, we find your needs, assess the goal, timeline and budget for the project. Next, we will give you an estimate and you are well on your way to lighting enhancements that keep your family going, and the days longer.

What is the Primary Purpose of Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is a way that Greenway Irrigation helps you make sure your environment is safe. Yet, the overall aesthetic benefits have their own beauty as well. Lighting enhancements shine the beauty captured in the daylight landscape, and paints a beautiful picture at night. OUr experts plan the perfect design for your landscape lighting and yard view., We go above and beyond in every possible to make sure that we are structuring the lighting exactly where you want, that completes the yard as well. Ultimately, the primary purpose of landscape lighting is to enjoy your backyard, even more so than you already are. However, there are multiple safety and financial benefits still prevailing as well. Greenway Irrigation is the company understanding and committing to all aspects of your reason for landscape lighting.

We encourage you to look at the projects before you. We have provided a gallery for you so you can see for yourself what kind of work we can do. Every possible to make sure that we can help you see exactly what kind of work we do and why or how customers leave us the highest rated and most reviewed irrigation company in the triangle area