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Corporate License #C-809

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The Backflow Prevention You Need For Worry-Free Irrigation

Greenway technicians can perform annual backflow testing, repairs, installation, and certification of your irrigation system. As part of our service, Greenway Irrigation handles all the necessary paperwork related to your annual inspection. We’ll even remind you when your next backflow test is due, so your property remains in good standing with the local water authority.

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    "Greenway Irrigation has serviced our irrigation for years and we have always been very pleased."

    “Greenway Irrigation has serviced our irrigation for years and we have always been very pleased. We needed to install a backflow preventer in compliance with the City of Raleigh code. Greenway scheduled and completed the work within a 24-hour period. Antonio was very prompt and did a great job.”

    Betsy B

    "Have always help me maintain our landscape with good service and recommendations."

    “Have used them for several years now. Have always help me maintain our landscape with good service and recommendations. Also do our mandatory backflow certification for city of Durham nc. Rachel and Greg play a key role in our program.”

    Howard R

    "They are reliable, professional and reasonably priced."

    “I use Greenway Irrigation for my start up/shut down and maintenance on my irrigation system. They are reliable, professional and reasonably priced. Poncho was my technician for the repair to my backflow unit. He walked me through the repair showing me what was wrong and the best way to repair it. The very next day I discovered a leak in zone 2 and they quickly came back to see what was wrong and determined that it was a leak in the control valve manifold. I received the estimate and once I approved it they got me on the schedule for the repair. Again, Poncho did the repair and saved me 2 hrs of labor time from the estimate which I greatly appreciated. Good company, reliable & honest service.”

    Gloria O

Understanding Backflow Preventers

The backflow preventer is the most critical component of an underground sprinkler system. This heavy brass valve prevents water and any potential contaminants in the irrigation system from flowing backward into the public water supply or well. Local government agencies responsible for protecting our drinking water manage a process for regularly inspecting, testing, and certifying every backflow preventer in their jurisdiction.

Potable (clean) water flows under pressure through municipal water lines to homes and businesses. Backflow occurs when the water pressure in a municipal distribution system falls below the pressure in a residence or irrigation system. This siphoning effect can be caused by the use of fire hydrants, water main breaks, high usage, or back pressure from a pump. The backflow preventer is designed with two check valves that only allow water to travel in one direction, thereby eliminating the possibility of backflow.

Backflow testing and certification can only be performed by a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Technician using special equipment that must be professionally calibrated each year.

What Is the Testing Process?

It’s very simple and quick. We shut off the water supply, examine your backflow device, and make sure there is no cross-contamination. If there is, we’ve got the tools to fix the issue right there and make sure you’re certified.

Greenway technician performs backflow certification.

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Greenway Irrigation has thought of everything that might inconvenience a homeowner trying to get a backflow certification. We take care of all of it: paperwork, date reminders, and speedy service. Call us at (919) 217-4340 for premium quality irrigation services.