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Winter/Spring Maintenance Package

Our Winter/Spring Maintenance Package offers a convenient and worry-free solution to protect your investment from the effects of freezing temperatures and to get your sprinklers up and running as soon as spring has sprung.

Greenway typically begins scheduling customers’ Winter Shut-Down Service in the middle of October. Unlike many other irrigation and lawn care companies, Greenway provides a complete flush-out of your sprinkler system using powerful 2-stage air compressors. This is the only way to guarantee that there is no water in your pipes or sprinkler heads so they don’t freeze during the winter.

After the final freeze, generally by mid-March, Greenway begins the Spring Start-ups. Given the usual high demand for start-ups, Greenway makes it a policy to give first priority to those customers who selected its Winter/Spring Start-up Package. As always, our start-up service includes a full cycle through your irrigation system to identify and correct any issues.


  • Compressed air flush-out of main & lateral lines.
  • Identify system issues to be addressed presently or at Spring start-up.
  • Remove backflow preventer for storage, either at Greenway’s office or the homeowner’s garage.
  • Siphon and cover backflow riser assemblies to prevent introduction of debris into the system.


  • Priority start-up scheduling for Winter/Spring Maintenance customers.
  • Re-install backflow preventer.
  • Pressurize and full cycle-thru the system to
    • Adjust sprinkler coverage & controller settings, as needed, and
    • Identify any damage that may have occurred over the winter.
  • Install new batteries in the system controller.

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    "hows the customer HOW and WHY he tested the system for certain outcomes and he makes recommendations accordingly."

    “Daniel F. Is extremely proficient troubleshooting my irrigation system. He is fast yet thorough. Daniel explains the issues and the recommended fix. Also, when our irrigation system had been misdiagnosed by another company, Daniel tested all zones, irrigation meter and controller and concluded that the irrigation system was not leaking and all parts were working. The best part is that Daniel shows the customer HOW and WHY he tested the system for certain outcomes and he makes recommendations accordingly. As an add-on, Daniel has top-shelf people skills.”

    Joanne L

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