Say Hello to a Beautiful Spring Lawn With an Easy Startup

Your annual sprinkler system spring startup is essential. Greenway Irrigation knows how to service all brands without trouble. Not all spring startups offered in the Triangle are created equal, so we want to show you how our service shines.

House with residential irrigation system

Enjoy the Work of a Professional Lawn Company

Many people wonder why a professional is required to turn on a sprinkler system in the spring. You are capable of turning the water on yourself, but you might not be familiar with all of the small steps that a Greenway Irrigation specialist would go through to ensure no damage is done to your system. These steps include:

If you are a winterization or spring maintenance customer, you will receive priority startup scheduling.

With every customer, we always stick to honest pricing, professional methods and a friendly attitude.

Best Time For Your Sprinkler System Spring Startup

April and May, beyond all reasonable weather doubts in the Triangle, are the best months to begin lawn irrigation again with a startup. A random night slightly below freezing is unlikely to hurt anything.

When Service Requires More Than a Startup

Sometimes, pipes and other sprinkler system parts break despite our best efforts. If the previous winter was more extreme than normal, you may have cracked or broken parts. Greenway Irrigation will find these if your system is affected and offer you an honest quote on repairs.

Check out our page on winterization as well to learn more about how to how we can protect your system year-round and avoid repairs.

Ready For Spring? Call Greenway Irrigation! We have been responsible for thousands of happy customers and lush lawns since 1992 and continue to strive for excellence.

Ensure that your spring and summer days are spent with a beautiful lawn from a fully-functional irrigation system by giving us a call at 919-217-4340.