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The Triangle Weather Is No Problem With a Rain Sensor

Avoiding watering your lawn when it rains can be stressful. Not only does your lawn run the risk of being overwatered, but you are spending money and wasting water. Even if you’re really in tune with the weather, it can be next to impossible to foresee every rainstorm. Thankfully, it is possible to relax and use an irrigation system at the same time with the help of a rain sensor from Greenway Irrigation.

Small Sprinkler Attachment, Big Difference

With a UV-resistant design, modern rain sensors are a wise investment. Greenway Irrigation can provide you with reliable installation using the biggest brands, including Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro. These rain sensors boast features like:

  • Multiple rainfall settings – All rainfall is not created equally, and this feature lets you respond to that.
  • Works in any climate – Your rain sensor might not be designed in the Triangle, but it’s designed with climates like ours in mind.
  • Quick absorption – The response to moisture will be immediate.

This device is a simple way to alleviate worries over your irrigation system and enjoy your lawn. It is unobtrusive, requires little maintenance, and lasts for years.

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Avoid Redundant Watering in 1 Easy Step by Calling Greenway Irrigation

Call Greenway Irrigation at (919) 217-4340 to get fitted with a rain sensor and experience the convenience and water-saving benefits. If you’re looking for a more advanced system to avoid rain and further customize your irrigation system, then check out smart irrigation controllers.

Keeping up with rain sensor maintenance is easy. You’ll know your rain sensor is dirty when it’s triggered “for no reason” after a season or two of use. Luckily, it requires very little maintenance. We can do it for you along with our regular maintenance or show you how to pop the sensor open and quickly rinse the disks inside yourself.